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Details for  HORD 2022 have been posted.  

Results from  HORD 2021 have been posted.  

Details for  HORD 2021 have been posted.  

The Ohio Robotics Club have been carefully monitoring the progress of the COVID-19 pandemic and the State of Ohio’s guide lines for public safety during this crisis.  Based on the current state of the pandemic and the expected progression over the next three months we do not believe that we can hold an event safely in September.  It is with deepest regret that I must announce that we have decided to cancel HORD 2020.  It is our hope that by this time next year this crisis will have passed and HORD will return better than ever.

All teams who have pre-paid registration will receive a full refund.

Colossal Con has been postponed.

There will be no HORD event in June.

ORC is currently evaluated the viability of an event on Saturday Sept 5th (Labor Day weekend).  Before a decision is made we need know what the state of the pandemic will be in September, we may not be able to predict that until June or early July.  We would like to announce a go / no go decision as early as possible, but the safety of our builders and volunteers is paramount we will not move forward with the event until we are confident it can be done safely.

Registered teams, please check your email for additional information.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


HORD 2020 will be held during ColossalCon on June 6th in Sandusky OH.  Full details have been posted. (HORD 2020) Registration will be done via the builders db and will open later this month.

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Pictures and event summery coming zoon.

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