Useful Information
Inside a Combat Robot
Quick guide to the componets of a fighting robot.

Tech Guide To Building
Fighting Robots
Lots of information on many
 subjects.  Very detailed.

Team Cosmos
Handi Work drill motor info
Kinetic Engery Calculator
Torque / AH Calculator
Robot Books
Lots of books and starter kits.

Other Clubs and Organizations

SPARC Forums and useful information
Builder's Database
Online event registration system
free to builder
Akron MakerspaceLocal Makerspace equipped with a robust array of fabrication equipment and tools. 
National Robotics ChallengeEducational robotics programs and compeitions  for students from 6th grade to college.  Based in Marion Ohio
The ManufactoryyCincinnati makerspace and home of  "Cincinnati Robotics League"
N.E.R.C. North East Robot Club
Major event organizer
C.I.R.C. Central Illinois Robotics Club
Small event organizer
PA Bot Blast Pennsylvania Bot Blast
Mid size event organizer in eastern PA
Social Media
ORC Facebook Group
ORC YouTube Channel

NERC Facebook Group
PennBots Facebook

Combat Robotics Facebook Group
Robotics Community Facebook Group