HORD at Con on the Cob 2015

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Fingertech Robotics

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Saturday, Oct 17th, 2015
Part of Con on the Cob
gaming and art convension
Richfield, OH

Event Summery,

  For the first time ever The Ohio Robotics club held HORD at the Con on the Cob conversion, a celebration of  table top gaming, music art and all things geeky.

  Of the 17 robots attending this event seven were new bots competing for the first time.  Four of the eight teams attending were competing for the first time anywhere.  With a lot of new builders and a new venue there were many uncertainties and confusion as builders and ORC volunteers started to arrive.  These issues were quickly sorted out by ORC's experienced volunteers and veteran builders.

  Three flea weights, including a very unusual walker design fought a round robin tournament.  Five beetles, including new robots from two new teams also fought round robin.  Eleven ants fought a double elimination tournament  once again dominated by Pretzel Robotics two undercutter spinners Vile Ant and Low Blow.

  This was ORCs most public event ever filling the room with wildly enthusiastic spectators and the occasional storm trooper. 

  ORC would like to thank all of our volunteers, builders, and sponsors for help putting on this great event.  We would also lkike to give special thanks to the Con on the Con staff for all of their support.

Rank Bot Name Team Name Driver
Flea Weight Round Robin
1 Demise Pretzel Robotics Warren Purvin
2 The Bat Wedge Adventure Bots  William Baer
3 Groot Adventure Bots  Steve Savage
Ant Weight Double Elimination
1 Vile Ant Pretzel Robotics Warren Purvin
2 Low Blow Pretzel Robotics Warren Purvin
3 Ant n'at PP Robotics Nico Paris
4 Don't Get Pushy 2.0 Adventure Bots  Chad Savage
5 99 FishNecks Ron Barron
5 Viper Fighter Cloak & Dagger Robotics Chris Olin
7 Hard Rhino High Voltage John Elmes
7 Zombie Chopper Cloak & Dagger Robotics Chris Olin
9 The Froogin FishNecks Greg Shay
Beelte Weight Round Robin
1 Sweaver FishNecks Zach Dixon
2 Slippery-Slope  Automaton Carnage Enterprises Scott Johnston
3 EF-3 Rogue Combat Robotics Caleb Pflyeger
4 spinning deathblade Rose-hulman Combat Bot Dylan Boyer
5 Steve Rose-hulman Combat Bot Brandon Naylor

Safety Coordinator
Ron Barron
Bracket management
Chris Olin
John Olin
Time keeping
Tiffany Olin
Video photography
Evan Gandola
Still photography
Judy Chan