Fall 2007
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Results summery

Cloak & Dagger Robotics Perry Township OH
Dimension Robotics Akron OH
EL DIABLO Broadview Heights Ohio
FishNecks Garrettsville OH
Foor independence ohio
Kelley PA Boiling Springs PA
NR Robotics North Royalton OH
Open Sourced Akron OH
Project Sting Ray Broadview Heights Ohio
Sawz All Northfield Ohio
Team D2 Brook Park Ohio
Team D2 brookpark oh
Team Delta Strike Force 2001 Racine WI
Team Disaster Area Sewaren NJ
Team Labyrinth Parma Ohio
Udanis Plum Borough PA

Weight Finish Robot Team Team home
Flea 1 Little Buzz Team Kelley Bolling Springs PA
Flea 2 0-2 Probotics Omsted Township OH
Flea 3 I.R.D. Cloak & Dagger Robotics Perry Township OH

Ant 1 Dusty, The Evil Dustpan Team Mechanical Advantage Leawood KS
Ant 2 HeMan I Probotics Omsted Township OH
Ant 3 Pushover Team Danger Rushville IN
Ant 4 Big Buzz Team Kelley Bolling Springs PA
Ant 5 Jim Foor Independence OH
Ant 6 Danger Zone Team Mechanical Advantage Leawood KS
Ant 7 The Froogin Fishnecks Garrettsville OH
Ant 8 Emmakins Kick Bot and Relax Madina OH

Beetle 1 D2 D2 Brookpark OH
Beetle 2 The Box Team Kelley Bolling Springs PA
Beetle 3 Revenge of Dr. Super Brain Cloak & Dagger Robotics Perry Township OH
Beetle 4 Tweedle Beetle Dimension Robotics Akron OH
Beetle 5 The Rolling Pin Team Kelley Bolling Springs PA
Beetle 6 UpTech Fishnecks Garrettsville OH
Beetle 7 Snare Team Mechanical Advantage Leawood KS
Beetle 8 chopchop Team Danger Rushville IN
Beetle 9 Sweaver Fishnecks Garrettsville OH

Complete Brackets

Drivers left to right: Evan Gandola, Team Probotics.  Jeff Gier, Team Mechanical Advantage.
Greg Shay, Team Fishneck.  
Richard Kelley, Team Kelley.  David Timothy, Team D2.
Robots left to right: Heman I, Dusty the Evil Dustpan, Sweaver, The Box, Little Buzz, 0-2, D2

Little Buz
Flea Weight Champion
Little Buzz
Dusty, the Evil Dustpan
Ant Weight Champion
Dusty, the Evil Dustpan
Beetle Weight Champion

YouTube Videos
Dusty Vs Heman I
Snare Vs Sweaver

Event Summery

 House of Robotic Destruction, Fall 2007 was held at the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center (CVCC) on Saturday Nov. 3rd 2007.  This event helped kick off CVCC’s new robotics program.  Students in this program will be building ant weight robots for HORD Spring 2008.  Several of these future robot builders attended this event as spectators.

  Eleven teams brought a total of twenty robots; three Flea Weights, eight Ant Weights, and nine Beetle weights. Teams came from across Ohio as well as Pennsylvania.  Also, Team Danger came all the way from  Rushville Indiana; and, Team Mechanical Advantage flew in all the way from Kansas.

   The Flea Weights were dominated by Little Buzz who managed four straight victories.

   The Ant Weights were dominated by pushy bots Dusty, the Evil Dustpan, and Heman I who took first and second place respectfully.  However, drum bot Big Buzz scored several good hits as did the vertical spinning bar of Danger Zone before being knocked out of the tournament.

   In the Beetle weight class, D2 tore a path of destruction through the ranks with its 1lb spinning drum.  Along his way to the championship D2 cashed with another drum bot, Rolling Pin, scoring a one hit victory that nearly took out both robots.  D2 then disarmed-literally-the dual flipper robot Revenge of Dr Super Brain.  Prior to this, Revenge of Dr. Super Brain tossed The Box around the arena like a rag doll.  The Doctor was unable to pit The Box, but did win a decisive judges decision.  The Box did manage to come back up through the losers bracket to face D2, but was pummeled by the big drum of D2.

   In rumble action, five ants (Heman I, Dusty, the Evil Dustpan, The froogin, Jim, and Big Buzz.) fought tooth and nail.  In the end only Heman I was left standing to claim victory.  Also, six beetle (Sweaver, UpTech, D2, Rolling Pin, Tweedle Beetle, ChopChop) shook the arena as they clashed.  Sweaver alone survived the carnage and claim victory.   The ORC house bots (four heavy modified ant sized battlebot toys) came out to play and give a few spectators a chance to test there skill as robot driving.

  First place drivers in each class received an engraved aluminum trophy.  Certificates were give to the first and second place finishers in each class as well as the rumble winners.  Several prizes donated by our sponsors were also awarded to top finishers.  Dimension Engineering provided, a Sabertooth dual 5A motor driver, a PicoSwitch, and an Easy Light.  Micro Bot Parts provided two micro receivers.  Also Servo Magazine donated twenty four copies of their September issue to hand out to teams and spectators.

  The event was recorded by students of the CVCC Audio and Visual program.  They are also producing a DVD which will be available some time in December.  Copies can be obtained for a small fee.  Interested parties should email ohiorobotclub@yahoo.com for more information.

Orc would like to thank all of our parliaments, sponsors, and host for helping put on such a great event.  We hope to see you all again this spring..