Ohio Robotics Club held its fourth event on October 21st, 2006 at the Olmsted Falls Community Center. This event drew ten teams from across Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania bringing with them a total of nineteen robots in three weight classes. The participating teams were:

Flea Weight 1st place; Mr. Bigglesworth

Team Udanis

Flea Weight 2nd place; Low Lift

Team Kelley

oak & Dagger Robotics Dimension Robotics FishNecks
Team AC/DC
Team D2
Team Fighting Irish
Team Labyrinth
Team Udanis
Team Kelley
Team Kindell
Perry Township, OH
Akron, OH
Garrettsville, OH & MI
Mountaintop, PA
Brookpark, OH
Brecksville, OH
Parma, OH
Plum Borough, PA
Boilling Springs, PA
Riverside, OH

The ORC 4' x 8' insect arena was used for all matches. This arena features two 14" x 14" pits that are opened halfway through the match.

  Action started with the 150gram Flea Weight robots. Three robots fought a double round robin. Mr. Bigglesworth, and Low Lift each won three fights, while Cloak & Dagger Robotics hastily prepared Improvised Robotic Device (I.R.D.) lost four straight matches. Mr. Bigglesworth won the tie breaking fight earning the first place prize.

  Highlights of the bracket included I.R.D. being tossed over the six inch tall lexan bumper by Mr. Bigglesworth's [relatively] big spinning blade.

Ant Weight 1st place & Ant Rumble 1st

Hit or Miss TeamAC/DC

Ant Weight 2nd place; Fred Fredburger

Team Udan

  In Ant Weight action nine robots fought a seven round, round robin. Hit or Miss was more hits than misses slicing and dicing his way to 6 wins, 1 loss and a bye. Meanwhile Fred Fredburger annoyed the competition with 6 wins, 1 lose and a bye. In the final fight, Hit or Miss cut Fred down to size and took home first place.

In other action, HORD Spring 2006 2nd place finisher The Froogin barely missed the finals by winning 5 and losing 2.

After the finals, Hit or Miss returned to the arena for the Ant Weight Rumble. It was joined by Lab Assistant (Cloak & Dagger Robotics), Wired Wedge (Team Udanis) and FishNecks' Royal Flush and The Froogin. The match started with all robots leaping into the fray. Royal Flush lit up the match with a small electrical fire which took him out of the 

 match, but earned him special honors for best death scene. Wired Wedge was propelled into the pit by his own vertical blade weapon after being flipped by Lab Assistant’s servo powered lifter. Froogin also found himself in the pits before matches end. Leaving only Hit or Miss  and Lab Assistant in the arena at match’s end with both robots heavily damaged. The audience's decision favored Hit or Miss.
 Meanwhile in the Beetle Weight class six robots fought a full round robin to determine the two robots that would fight for the championship. PennBot Vertan Chop Chop hammered the competition winning five straight fights. Rookie robot D2 scored four wins with its big spinning drum. In the middle of the pack Sweaver (Team Fishnecks) ,Tweedle Beetle (Dimension Engineering), Uptech (Team FishNecks), and Zibby (Team Fighting Irish) all managed one win.

The final fight featured a hard-hitting battle between Chop Chop and D2 .  In the end, the rokkie, D2, prevailed and took first place.

Beetle Weight rumble action featured Sweaver, Uptech, D2, and Tweedle Beetle in a fierce melee. In the end the raw pushing power of Sweaver prevailed pushing all comers into oblivion and claiming the rumble championship.

Over fifty fights were held in six hours of box time due largely to the professionalism and good sportsmanship of all robot drivers and pit crew personal. Some robots went home in victory while other went home in pieces, but no one went home without having a good time!

ORC would like to thank all participating teams and the Olmsted Falls Community Center. We would also like to thank the Robot Fighting League and Buildersdb.com for their support.

Beetle Weight 1nd place; D2
Team D2

Beetle Weight 2st place; Chop Chop

Team Kelley

Beetle Rumble 1st place, Sweaver


 We extend a very special thank you to our generous sponsors. Mircobotparts.com who provided a micro receiver ($49 value), and Dimension Engineering who provided $170 worth of gift certifiicates for their fine products. We hope to see you all again for our next event; HORD Spring 2007.

Flea Brackets

Ant Brackets

Beetle Brackets