Saturday, May 20th 2006
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
(clean up 5:00pm to 6:00 pm)
Olmsted Falls Community Center
(Behind Police Station)

26100 Bagley Road
Olmsted Falls OH, 44138
(West of Cleveland)

   HORD 05/06 was ORCs most successful event to date.  19 robots came to fight including 10 Ant Weights, 8 Beetle that fought a double elimination bracket.  And 1 Flea Weight (150 g) fought an exhibition fight with a small RC car.  Competitors came from across Ohio, and neighboring state to fight for a place in the RFL National Championship being held August 10-13 2006 in Minneapolis, MN.  See the official Robot Fighting League web site for more information.

  HORD was also a beta test event for the Builder DB's event management software.  This test was a near complete success with only a few minor software problems that did not effect the flow of the event.  We would like to thank Marc DeVidts for all of his hard work on this project.

HORD 05/06 results
Ant Weight

Beetle Weight

Traveling all the way from Elkhart Indiana Team Hoff's Flipper, came, saw, and tossed the competition aside.  After losing in the second round, Flipper fought his way back up through the brackets to the finials.  Flipper wins first place, and the right to go to the RFL Nationals.

Once again team Fierce Robots' One Fierce Upper Cut carved a path of destruction all the way to first place and the right to go to the RFL Nationals.  Can any robot stop this menace before it obtains total world domination?

HORD veteran Team Fishneck's Froggin Pushed his way through the brackets, but finally fell to Flipper.  Froggin wins second place, and a chance at the RFL Nationals.

Sporting a new square drum weapon; Upper Cut's team mate One Fierce Lawn Boy showed that it is worthy of the name by crushing any robot that managed to avoid Upper Cut's wraith.  In an anticlimactic finish Lawn Boy yields to Upper Cut and takes second place, and a chance to go to the RFL Nationals.

Team Fierce Robots' radical new robot, One Fierce Buzz Bomb, terrorized the ant weight ranks; but due to a control issue it missed its target of first place and landed a firm 3rd place.  Buzz Bomb also wins a chance at the RFL Nationals.

Held together by duct tape and luck, team All Things Must Die's Damaged and Destroyed surprised all by surviving to the semi finials before Upper Cut's blade reduced him to half the bot he was before-litterially.  Damaged and Destroyed earned third place, and first alternate for the RFL Nationals.

Hero of the proletariat, Team All Things Must Die's Karl Marx Hords Candy pushed his way through the early rounds, but ultimately fell to the capitalist swine.  Karl Marx earns first alternate for RFL Nationals.

Cloak & Dagger Robotic's Decoder Ring proved he could take a licking, but just could not dish out the hurt consistently enough to take the prize.  Decoder Ring earned fourth place, and the second alternate for the RFL nationals.

The big spinning disk of  Team Udanis' Wired Wedge started off strong, but eventually was overwhelmed by the competition.  Wired Wedge earned second alternate for RFL Nationals

Else where in the brackets.

Team Fishneck's Uptech started off strong, but was un able to keep the momentum going.  Meanwhile teammate Sweaver swerved straight into oblivion.

And it was a sad day in Whosville as team Dimension Engineering's Mr. Sox-Fox and Tweetle Beetle both suffered crushing defeats in the early rounds.

Pointless Robotics' strong man, Heman III, sported a new flipper arm this outing, but was not able to out muscle the competition for long.  Heman earned third alternate for the RFL Nationals.

  Else where in the brackets;

Pointless Robotic's  Evil Doorstop made small gains before being stop himself.  Mean while the big spinning blade of Team Hoff's #2 robot Dave Bot just was not able to cut it.  Doorstop and Dave bot each managed just one victory.

Finially, team All Things Must Die's V.P. Shooting Spree just could not hit his mark.  And Team Fishneck's Royal Flush looked more like the dead man's hand.

  The board of directors of the Ohio Robotics Club would like to thank all who came and competed in this very exciting event.  We look forward to see you at the next House of Robotic Destruction.  Stay tuned to this web site for future event dates as they are announced.  We would also like to thank the Omsted Falls Comunity Center for giving up a place to play.  Special thanks also go out to  for the registration support and providing the event management software.

  Lastly we would like to give an extra special thank you for our sponsors for providing such valuable prizes.  Please please please patronize these very find business.

Dimention Engineering

Provided; two SyRen 20A ESCs, one BattleSwitch10A relay, and one Micro inline mixer.

Provided one $49.00 gift certicate