Saturday, May 14th 8:00am to 6:00pm
Olmsted Falls Community Center
(Behind Police Station)

26100 Bagley Road
Olmsted Falls OH, 44138
(West of Cleveland)


Gandola's arena, spector seating, an and some of the pits

pushy bot fight

Pushy bot fight.

awards ceriony

Award Cerimony

Event summery (by Chris Olin; ORC Chairman)

  This event went suprising smoothy, which was a great releif to myself after having spent the previous few months obsessing  over very posiable thing that could go wrong.  All registored competors arived on time, with paperwork in hand, and working robots.  Arena, pit tables, and spector seating setup went very smoothly and quickly.  Fights started on time, and proceeded in an orderly manor.  Fights started around 10:00 pm, and continued to noonish.  A 45 minute lunch break was taken, then fights resulted and were finished by 4:00 pm.

  The event  drew 7 Ant weight robtos, and 5 Bettle weight robtos.  Each class fought a full round robot tournament.  In the ant weight brackets there were 16 fight, 8 byes, and 4 forfeits (all the same robot).  Then the finial fight between the top two bots, and a rummble.  The Bettle weight brackets featured 10 fights, and 5 byes, the finial fight, and the rumble.  Most fights ended with a robot being pushed into the pits, several fights ened in knock out, but only one fight went to a judges dession.

  Prizes consisted of a mirco reciever provided my event sponor  awarded to the Bettle, and a $25 Robot marketplace gift certifcate paid for by ORC was awarded to the ant weight winner.  First and second place winners also recieved a framed certificate. 

Ant winners; 
"One Ferce Dear Fly",  driven by Gene Burbeck of team Fierce Robots from Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Ant runner up; "Karl Marx Hord's Candy", driven by  Keigth Conn, of tem All Things Must Die, from  Russellville, OH.

Bettle winner
Ant winners;  "One Upper Cut",  driven by Gene Burbeck of team Fierce Robots from Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Bettle runer up;  "Wheelie" driven by Travis Clark, of Team Clark, from
Calcutta, OH.

  Several teams, brought freinds and family along for to watch, but we did not public adverise this event.  The Gandola family (Pointless robotics) provided a lunch buffet, which was enjoyed by all.  In general the event was a complete success.

Ant weight results

Beetle weight results