Detroit Area Robot Club
Orc logo by Alex Udanis

Detroit Bug Battle III
Saturday Oct. 22nd
8:00am to 6:00pm
Ann Arbor, Mi
Hosted by
Gene Burbeck


Setting up in Burbeck's back yard.
Strong backs move the D.A.R.C. area behind Team "Fierce Robots" secrete robot lab
Shilo the dog comes to investigate

Ant winners

Ant Weight winners
Terry Wynn (judge), 1st Place Ron Barron (Team Fishnecks), 2nd place Even Gandola (Pointless Robotics)

awards ceriony

  Beetle Weight winners
Terry Wynn (judge), 1st place Gene Burbeck (Fierce Robotics), 2nd place Chris Olin (Cloak & Dagger Robotics)

Event summery (by Chris Olin; ORC Chairman)

  This event drew five ants and six beetles.  Each weight class fought a full round robin bracket  then the top two robots from each class fought a final fight to determine first and second place.

   The weather, which had been rainy all week, cleared and allowed us to setup the 4 x 8 foot D.A.R.C. arena outside and behind "Fierce Robot's" workshop in the backyard of the Burbeck's home. The workshop was built using a modified guest house design with an
exterior that matches the Burbeck's beautiful single store brick ranch.  The workshop is spacious and well equipped for the building of sub-lite robots. The equipment includes a Grizzly vertical mill, a full size lathe, band saw, drill press, etc. It also provided plenty of table space for five pit areas.

   The event ran very smoothly, all competitors were well prepared and professional. Terry Wynn (Team "The Doom Crew") ran the brackets and judged all fights. He did an exceptional job in keeping things moving. Terry also provided a wonderful BBQ lunch for all participants. Some of the Burbeck's  neighbors stopped by to watch the show, and they seemed to enjoy themselves greatly.

   Fierce Robots lived up to their name and reputation. Uppercut and Lawnboy devastated the Beetle ranks forcing at least two bots to forfeit following matches. The final could have been Uppercut vs Lawn Boy, but Gene only had one controller and chose to forfeit Lawn
Boy. In the ant class Deer Fly made a strong showing, but fell short of reaching the finals.

   Cloak & Dagger Robotics brought their latest creations from the "Dr. Super Brain" line of servo
 powered lifters. "Dr. Super Brain's Experiment #3" took a tremendous beating from both Lawnboy and Uppercut, losing to both by narrow judges decisions in spite of
getting a few good flips in.  It  then faced Uppercut again in the finals and put up a valiant struggle in spite of loosing four of its six wheels and most of its plastic armor in previous fights. An impressive showing for a bot built on a "BioHazzard Pro Series" (trademark Battle Bots Inc. and Tiger Electronics) chaise. Meanwhile in ant action "Dr. Super Brain's Mentally Deficient Lab Assistant" debuted to mixed results.

   Team Fishneck's "The Froogin" proved once again to be a sturdy, quick, and maneuverable wedge that pushed it's way into the ant finals.  However beetle team mate "The Unbroken" failed to live up to his name, and new comer "Sweaver" finished in the middle of the pack.

   Pointless Robotic's "Evil Doorstop III" pushed his way to the finals by winning several fights including a KO by unplugging "Lab Assistant". However team mate "Heman to the Rescue" failed to  rescue even itself from oblivion.

  Team Clark drove all the way up from Youngstown Ohio to face a very hard day. Beetle weight
 "Wheelie" took a beating from "Uppercut" which it never fully recovered from. It ended the day with only one pog for a T.K.O. against "The Unbroken".

 O.R.C. and D.A.R.C. would like to thank all competitors for a great event. Also we would like to offer special thanks to our sponsors who provided excellent prizes.

  Beetle Prizes;

  1st place; Poly-Li battery charger from Robot Power Solutions

  2nd place; $25 gift certificate from Team Delta

  Ant Prizes

  1st place; $75 gift certificate from Team Delta

   2nd place Micro Receiver from Micro Bot Parts

Ant weight results

Beetle weight results