Detroit Area Robot Club
Orc logo by Alex Udanis

Detroit Bug Battle III
Saturday Oct. 22nd
8:00am to 6:00pm
Ann Arbor, Mi
Hosted by
Gene Burbeck


  This event will be held at the Burbecks' house.  Main pit area will be a large garage.  The arena will be set up in the drive way if weather permitting.  In case of inclement weather the arena will be setup in the Burbecks' workshop (16 X 32 out building).  Street address, and driving directions will be provided to participants.

  We will be using the D.A.R.C 4 x 8 Beetle arena, with 4 x 6 ant insert.  The Beetle has no hazards, the ant insert has two push out gaps.

  We will be running Ant weight (1 lbs) and Beetle weight (3 lbs).  If there are sufficient request for a Flee weight (150gs) I will open a bracket for them.  Registration will be limited to 12 Ants and 12 Beetles (tentative).
Rule set

  This event will comply with the 2005 RFL Extensible Techical Regulations.  This rule set has been adapted for this compition per RFL guid lines.  Read completely before registering a robot.


  All registration will be handled via Builder's database.   If your team is not registered, please do so.  It is quick, easy, and free.

  The Buider's DB is current down due to hurricane damage.  The site data is secure, and the admin, and his family are well.   However, there is no way to determine when this site will be fully functional again.  Therefore, registrational will have to be done manually.  Send the following information to ohiorobotclub@yahoo.com

   Now that the Builder's Database is back up and running stablily registration via the BDB has been reinstated.  Big thankyou to Marc for bring the BDB back so quickly after this tradigy.

If you have any minors on your team please designate a primary gardian, and that person's relation to the minor.

You will need to fill out ORC Safety Form for each robot attending.  You will also need to fill out one Release Form for ever team member requiring a pit pass.  Please limit pit passes to only those who actually need to be in the pits.  Participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by the parent or guardian who signed the release form.  Fill out all forms and bring them with you to the event.  Do not mail in forms!

  Registrations fees will be $5 per bot (tentative)..

 A picnic lunch will be provided (tentative) compliments of  Terry Wynn
RFL Qualifications

  This event will qualify two robots from each class for the 2006 nation finials (tentative).

Poly-Li battery charger from Robot Power Solutions

Mirco Reciever from Mirco Bot Parts

$75 and $25 gift certicates from Team Delta

Questions or comments, email ohiorobotclub@yahoo.com